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Like every year, the whole MicroStrategy community was participating in the most important event of the year: MicroStrategy 2022. Since MicroStrategy recently announced that till 2024 we will not get any new platform releases, as expected, during this presentation we saw a focus on non-metadata enhancements in: Dossiers, Library and Workstation.

In other words the key points of the presentation where:

  1. Modern, Powerful Application Experiences
  2. No/Low Code Application Development
  3. Pervasive, Augmented Intelligence
  4. Enterprise scale, Security and Administration

The features that were mentioned are:

  • Multiple viewing experience for Library controlled by ACLs


So for example the Sales team when they enter the Library as a home screen they see a dossier. Other options like which content can be seen by each group also can customised:
  • Create and Manage subscriptions from Library. They can be based on bookmarks or personal views
  • Guided insights: Users can watch data they are interested in their watchlist. Watchlist and data changes it reflects, can be subscribed and the user also can set the threshold value and get notified if the threshold value is reached.
  • Author of the dossier can automatically generate data insights and approve/reject them. The curated set can be then pushed to the user who have option of or dislike it.
  • Altering insights: Engine will generate automatically best matching visualisations based on common dimensions and  common visualisations used to analyse this data. Then when author connects to this datasets, the proposals of visualisations will be visible and ready to use.
  • Creation of certified assets: prepared objects that are formatted, teamed and grouped with other objects. When certified they can be reused by dossier author. They can be found in the new asset library

  • Dossiers can be edited straight from the Library
  • New formatting option like nested labels, bar chart label positioning
  • New time series and Sankey visualizations, modern grid, comparison KPI and multi-metric KPI
  • Information windows – This option was already available in Update 4
  • For Mobile: grouping, auto-size text boxes, hide/show on Mobile and vertical scroll – all of these options are available in latest updates of 2021

  • Workstation was only used by me, personally, to certify the dossiers and to push the content to the user’s Library. The plan was to for the developer to be substituted by it. MicroStrategy is getting closer to this goal. Now you can add tables, attributes and hierarchies via Workstation. There are also some interesting tools, like setting the alarm on the long running jobs. More details can be found in this video:

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