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It is a new MicroStrategy application, which mirrors functionality from MicroStrategy Library with enhancements to the experience for the desktop. It is available for Mac and Windows PC and requires the Reporter Pro license.

Capabilities include:

  • Instant response experience
  • Access modern, interactive dossiers alongside RSDs
  • Limited to no loading time for dossier content
  • Leverages the same viewing workflows as the existing Library product
  • Revamped with new modern UI, innovative features, and impressive performance
  • Dynamic collaboration capabilities with desktop centralization.
  • Automatic data synchronization
  • Search for content and easily open dossiers whether the app is actively in use or not

We tested this application and compared times of dossiers running on standard web server. Dossiers that were running for around 5 seconds in Web were ~2-3 seconds faster when running them using the new application. During the tests we also made some print screens on how to download and use the application so you can see if you are interested in trying it out.

The application can be downloaded from the Microsoft store or Apple store. For the test purposes we downloaded it on the Windows machine:

When you run the application for the first time it is by default connected to the Demo MicroStrategy Library and will see the following welcome screen:

We started by adding our local library in the preferences tab (note: only works if you are on MicroStrategy 2020 Update 2):


Now you can see the content of the new Library and easily switch between them:

You can also filter your Library using the filter with the following options:

In preferences you can also change the theme of the Library from default white one to black:

You can also manage your Hypercards by toggling to enable or disable individual cards. When a card is disabled, users are unable to view cards for highlighted keywords across dossiers. The card settings are applied at a global level throughout the Library.

Users can also choose to disable the HyperIntelligence card functionality altogether.

The new app downloads the data the user needs by loading the cache first and continue checking if the cache is still valid. If not, MicroStrategy downloads the latest cache in the background and seamlessly provides the page with up-to-date data.

MicroStrategy suggests keeping this setting ON for optimal performance.

To turn this setting OFF, deselect the Refresh Automatically checkbox under Cache.

If you turn the setting off, you will still be able to manually check for new data.

The application is very simple and light , you can use it as a desktop version of your Library and it provides the same options as you have in Web version. It is faster and gives the user enhanced Library experience. Give it a try and download the trial version!


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