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All new dossiers features in one place! Especially for you we decided to list and test the most interesting new features that MicroStrategy 2020 brings to dossiers. This article might want you to upgrade faster to the newest version and enjoy all of the enhancements in creating your stories!

How many of you still used the old but cool looking Report Services Documents? You could place objects on top of each other, use metric and attribute selectors and create contextual links to other documents. However they were all pixel perfect and you needed to create as many versions as many devices you wanted to display it on and the maintenance cost started to get high. Luckly, now you can use these functionality in dossiers and take advantage of their responsive design! Not only to display them on variety of devices but also to embed dossiers into your favourite applications.

Freeform dossiers

This new functionality introduces more flexible ways to organize and visualize data. You can organize visualization to achieve more customized look-and-feel using new transparent background and background images options.

To switch from classic dossier option to freeform layout there is a new icon in the top right corner:

There is also a new layer panel that quickly locates elements and arranges z-indexes:

Below you can watch a short video tutorial on how to build a new freeform layout dossiers:





Linking with context

This functionality will enable performant navigation workflows. Untill the newest MSTR version we could have created links on attributes and using html code in metrics. However passing content (dynamically or prompt answers) was difficult (if possible) to add to maintain. We are getting something similar to the well known in RSD «Edit link…» feature in dossiers:

We can:

  • Pass data selection as a filter to the destination page
  • Filter panel selections are passed
  • Prompts are answered dynamically

Thanks to this we can now separate and link dossiers to obtain better performance. Also we can drill down data from higher level into the details.

Contextual linking is demoed in the following video:




Attribute and metric selectors

One of the most needed enhancement in dossiers finally arrived! We can stop using a common workaround with imported data and derived metrics and attributes is no longer needed. Now you can analyze data across different dimensions in the same space! This feature works for Web and Mobile.   




Compound grid

A new visualization that allows building complex grids that allow users to analyze different aspects of the data across a common dimension by positioning attributes and metrics in different groups of columns. It is now possible to format column groups differently, freely alternate the placement of metrics and attributes in the column headers for each group of columns, or choose which columns of the Grid should show the subtotal value or all values.

The Compound Grid supports similar operations as regular grids, such as:

  • Sorting (across the entire grid)
  • Keep Only and Exclude
  • Per-column group Advanced Filter
  • Thresholds





Other notable enhancements

Object descriptions in grid tooltips

Thanks to this feature you can add descriptions to objects via Prepare Data (Data Import) and to Derived Metrics and Attributes via the Editor in Dossier. Tooltips will provide more information to the end user. They can also be translated using the translate option in developer.

Unused objects indication

Cleaning up unused objects is still useful for easier troubleshooting, improving performance and better organization of the dossier content down the line. If removed, server doesn’t spend time calculating unused Derived Attributes anymore. New feature indicates which derived objects are used in visualizations on dossiers.

PDF export enhancments

Now it is possible to:

  • Fit to page width for Grids + better columns pagination: repeat row headers in every page that displays additional columns to maintain context. However, if row headers can’t fit in page width, additional columns render by their own in other pages.
  • Single-visualization pages export only once in “Full” mode, in older version the visualization would be exported twice.
  • Ability to save PDF Export option defaults.

Smart KPI widget

More options are available to customize this widget, for example the possibility to hide the trend  graph and only show the difference:

Visualization handlers in Web

Thanks to the handlers it is easy to move visualizations around the dossier. Before the user needed to show the titlebar and then move visualizations and handles were only available in Workstations. Now it is ready to use in Web as well. They are only visible if the title is hidden.





Which is your favourite feature? Don’t wait for the upgrade!



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