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​A common problem that we used to see visiting our Customers is that at some point there are too many cubes in a production environment. This happens especially when self service is allowed and users can import their data freely. Sometimes however, once the data is uploaded, it is used once and then forgotten.

This is the reason why we created a really simple Command Manager script, that can help the administrator to monitor and do cache clean clean ups more efficiently. It lists all the cubes that exist in the cache monitor and their depending objects.

Below you can find the sample output of the script:

We can see that the cube Revenue Cube has 5 dependencies.

  1. Name of the cached cube
  2. Its physical path
  3. Its GUID
  4. Dependency name
  5. Dependency type
  6. Dependency GUID
  7. Dependency modification date
  8. Dependency owner

Script can be found and downloaded here.

How to use the script?

  1. After downloading the Cube_Dep.cmp file, place it in folder MicroStrategy\Command Manager\Outlines\Procedure_Outlines\User_Procedures (this is where MicroStrategy was installed, by default the path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroStrategy\Command Manager\Outlines\Procedure_Outlines\User_Procedures.
  2. Open Command Manager. Now, when you navigate to Edit>Outline>Procedure_Outlines>User_Procedures you can see new procedure under the folder:

3. Now, simply execute the procedure, by typing: EXECUTE PROCEDURE Cube_Dep («MicroStrategy Tutorial»); , where «MicroStrategy Tutorial» is the name of the project you want to clean up:

Do you have any more ideas for any other useful CM scripts that we could create? Write a comment or get in touch with us!

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